Maintaining your outdoor power equipment

Outdoor equipment can suffer from the elements even if it has been kept in a shed or garage. Water and air can cause rust, which in turn can damage some or all of your power equipment. If you haven’t used your lawn mower since last fall, then you should definitely check it over before use. With summer fast approaching, it’s time to do a spring clean on the power tools. Good maintenance is important for your own safety, and to prevent needlessly having to re-buy the equipment, which can Read more [...]

Fun Garden Decoration Ideas

Have you got your garden all planted and ready to go, but looking for some ways to make it a little more fun? A garden doesn’t have to be just flowers and trees. You can actually express your unique style through your garden decorations. They can help make your garden a place that people want to relax and unwind, and enjoy the natural beauty of what you’ve created. So read on to learn about some different fun ideas for decorating your garden. Bring in the birds There’s nothing like a Read more [...]

3 quick tips to re-designing your living room

  Let's face it, sometimes the styles in our homes become a little out-dated and boring. We want to fix things up a bit in the main living areas, but are unsure where to start. Don't go rushing off to the store just yet, because there are some simple things you can do to improve the design of your living room without buying more accessories and without hiring a designer. Here are three quick tips when re-designing your living room:   1.) Swap out the carpet   Many of us Read more [...]

New summer candle scents to kick-start summer

Summer is fast approaching and in no time at all we will be sat out in the garden enjoying the cool summer evenings. We all love to sit out either by ourselves reading a book or with friends enjoying a meal with a glass of wine. One of the best things that you can do is buy some perfectly scented candles to make the evenings even more special. During the winter months we are used to the smell of vanilla candles, more warm-scented fragrances. When it comes to summer time it's time to switch up the Read more [...]

Want a classy office? How about one in the garden?

Do you want to work in an office that looks incredibly cool and contemporary, is sure to excite people when you show it to them, and is in a scenic setting? How about one where you feel surrounded by things that inspire you the moment you enter? A place where the decor isn't generic-office-dull and characterless, it's moulded to your tastes and needs. You might feel that you would have to work in a hip office building with potentially high rents to fulfill this dream. Actually, a structure from The Read more [...]
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