Unexpected Costs of Home Repair

My wife and I recently purchased a home last year in a great neighborhood and we absolutely love it. We went a little higher than our original budget simply because the house was in immaculate condition and we felt there wouldn’t be any home improvements that were really needed. Our last house was much older and nothing had really been updated by the previous owners. I had always planned on replacing the windows at some point as they was always a cold draft in the house. The furnace and air conditioning Read more [...]

How to improve your home on a budget

We all love to live in a home that looks great, it's even better if we can spruce up our homes in a way that doesn't break the bank! Whether you're looking to transform your home or even looking to make it look better before you sell it, at OSC we've come up with several fantastic ways for you to think about. These ideas are a superb way of getting the best out of your home in an inexpensive way. Of course the value of your home can be increased but this will rely on factors such as the overall Read more [...]


Design-build construction methods made a big resurgence at the end of the twentieth century. A design-build is where a designer and the constructor are the same person, or group of people, as opposed to hiring someone separately to design, with someone else hired to build it. Generally such design-build projects are led by a contractor who hires an architect to draw up the designs, which are then put together and brought into the world by the contractor. Over the past 50 years, some architects have Read more [...]

Excellent Ideas for Getting the Best Out of Your Home’s Exterior

It’s important to try to make your home look as good as possible as often as you can. And this will mean dedicating time to the exterior as well as the interior of the property. Many people don’t think to do this, and as such the outside of the home becomes an eyesore. But, sometimes is not quite as simple as that. Home repairs and upkeep can sometimes generate unexpected costs. A lot of people might feel like they can’t afford this, so they avoid dealing with the problem. But you should Read more [...]

How to Create a Romantic Atmosphere at Home

Your home is somewhere that you should feel comfortable, cozy and restful. It’s a place that ideally, you are able to de-stress from your day and enjoy the company of your family and loved ones. Sometimes it’s a place to host dinner parties, have friends over or let your children play. But one thing that many people don’t feel often enough in their home is a romantic atmosphere! Why is a romantic atmosphere important? This type of feeling in your home can help you relax, bond with your partner Read more [...]
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