Want a classy office? How about one in the garden?

Do you want to work in an office that looks incredibly cool and contemporary, is sure to excite people when you show it to them, and is in a scenic setting? How about one where you feel surrounded by things that inspire you the moment you enter? A place where the decor isn't generic-office-dull and characterless, it's moulded to your tastes and needs. You might feel that you would have to work in a hip office building with potentially high rents to fulfill this dream. Actually, a structure from The Read more [...]

Invest in garden essentials this springtime

If you've just spent all winter trapped inside your home and keeping an eye on your gas meter, then the joys of spring are sure to be welcomed. During the cold December, January and February months we often think how nice it would be to spend more time outside and we make many empty promises to ourselves about all the work we are going to do to enable us to make the garden a real and viable extension to our living quarters. Well, this year let's be committed and make good on our winter promises. Read more [...]

Building an Eco-Friendly Home

For most people who have the funds, a new house is normally one of the first things on the list. A swimming pool. A gym. Tennis courts. Games rooms. Home cinemas. These could all form part of your property. A survey on people who have the funds for such a home spend an average of £900,000 on new homes, with hot tubs and walk-in wardrobes listed as popular indulgences. Some 29 per cent of respondents had a hot tub installed, while 28 per cent had a walk-in wardrobe. A further 24 per Read more [...]

5 Handy Tools For Wood Cutting.

Whether it's tackling a home project or doing some general repair work, having high-quality wood cutting tools on hand can be a big help. If you've recently decided to commit to a project, you're probably looking for tools to make the job a little easier. Innovative companies like STIHL can provide the right tools for the job – whatever the task. If you need a little help figuring out just what kind of tools you need for that upcoming project or task, read on. Here are 5 handy tools for wood Read more [...]
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How to Decorate a Child’s Room for Christmas

The Christmas season allows us opportunity to redecorate our homes in line with the festive celebrations. Ornaments and cards fill mantle-pieces, colourful tinsel and decorations hang on the walls and fairy lights add a charismatic touch all around the home. Of course, the traditional Christmas tree often becomes the focal point of the living room also. However, many families choose to spruce up all parts of the home with Christmassy decorations. Children are enthralled with this time of the year Read more [...]
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