The Best Of Thailand

Have been to Thailand and discovered how awesome it is yet? There is so much to love about the crown of South East Asia’s holiday destinations.

I loved it so much that I ended up moving there along with Paul Hurdsfield and other friends. We just couldn’t get enough of the place, everyday when you head out you’re always feeling good because you know the sun will be shining, the food will be awesome and people will be smiling.

I’m sure when you read other articles about Thailand they will go in some serious depth about which beaches to visit, what bars to hangout in, where to get a tattoo and a lot more information which is good – but here’s what Paul Hurdsfield and me think are the best of Thailand.


We’ve all had Thai food back home and loved it, but nothing compares to eating Thai food in Thailand. You will never have a bad meal when you’re here – the only bad thing that can happen to you is that there’s a bit too much chilli sometimes but you’ll get used to it. Every meal is a delight because you order loads of dishes and share them among your group, so you always get to taste a variety and workout which is your best to order next time (or always). The night markets in Thailand are a real event and you’ll find them wherever you go, the food stalls are endless and by the time you finish walking through you’ll have bags of food weighing you down!


A water fight always sounds fun, but how about 3 days where a whole country (yes, the whole country!) comes out and has the most epic water fight ever! You have to experience it to believe it. Songkran, or water festival, is for the Buddhist New Year and is a mad party. Think water pistols, fire engines spraying water, whiskey, music and endless fun – that’s Songkran. It runs from April 13 – 15, make sure you visit during that time.

The Temples

Everywhere you turn in Thailand you will see beautiful temples and pagodas. You should make a real effort to visit the most famous ones, it’s always good to get a bit of culture and the temples have a special feeling once you’re inside. I would recommend Wat Pho in Bangkok and the white temple in Chiang Rain which is absolutely stunning.