What Is It That Makes a Great Campsite?

My kids and I have been going to Cornwall for a camping trip almost every year in the last 10 and it is a highlight of our year. The kids love these trips more than our travels abroad, which just goes o show how much kids love simplicity. In Cornwall campsites are abundant and over the years we have stayed in a greta many of them, with varying levels of success. We have now worked out which are the best campsites and the rules are pretty much the same wherever you go. If you are looking to go camping and want the best campsites, here are some things which I believe go into making a campsite brilliant. 


 There can be times where  campsite should be nothing more than a patch of land where you can pitch your tent but if you are going with your family then you need something extra. We have found that the best sites are those which have a great infrastructure around activities and outdoors pursuits. Not only does this provide plenty of entertainment for kids and adults, but it also indicates a well run campsite which is popular. 


A few years ago my daughter took ill at a campsite and thankfully we were just 20 minutes from a hospital. It dawned on me when we were in the hospital that had we stayed at the original campsite which I was considering, that we would have been almost an hour and a half from the nearest medical center. Whilst camping is best when you are in a remote location, it is important to bear in mind the distance from the campsite to places where you may wish to go, or amenities which you may end up needing. 


I really do trust the reviews which other campers have left about certain sites and before you book up I would urge you to check out what other people have said. There are some campsites which I have been to that looked great on the website, but the scathing reviews were able to help me avoid wasting my time and my money. These reviews are very often honest and provide good value in helping you decide which campsite you will stay on. 


Many campsites are guilty of cramming in too many people and the result is that you just have no space around your tent. This is something which you really have to find out more about before you book as I can tell you from experience that it isn’t enjoyable when you are falling over the ropes of other people’s tents. Remember that this is a holiday, not a music festival.


There are always times where you are going to need a few extras like toilet paper or food, and in those instances it is really nice to have a well stocked store on-site. We try not to leave the campsite if we can avoid it, which is why a store is a really nice amenity to have. 

Keep an eye out for these things and you’ll be onto a winner in finding a great campsite.