Here’s Why People Love Skiing In Hakuba

Located perfectly in the Alps of Japan, the Hakuba Valley is one of the finest ski resorts you’ll find anywhere on the planet and definitely the best place to ski in Japan. With snow fall of over 10 metres each season there’s always fresh powder to lay tracks on when you’re there. 

The valley consists of 11 resorts which are linked by a bus service, the good news is that you only need one pass which will get you access to this natural snowy playground.

Here’s why people love skiing in Hakuba:

For Everyone

With over 20 runs and 130 lifts, you will easily be able to find runs suitable for any level of skier – the resorts have everything from beginner up to advanced. They also have some top ski schools for kids up to advanced, please never forget that you’re never too good for a lesson and it can work wonders for your form.

The Scenery

I was constantly marvelling at the stunning scenery at every turn. Whether you’re riding up on a chair lift, standing at the top of a slope or fuelling up on a mountain top restaurant, you’ll find your breath being taken away by the views. Make sure you have your camera phone at the ready because you’ll want to cherish the memories.


On a holiday to Japan it is difficult not to immerse yourself in the remarkable culture. When you’re not skiing please make sure to spend your time exploring and learning about the local culture.

One of the best things to do is go and watch the snow monkeys, this is one hell of an experience and watching chilled out monkeys bathing in a hot spring is very unique indeed.

There are also temples in the surrounding area of Hakuba which you must see, they’re the best way to learn more and most of all it’s what you expect to see when you visit Japan.

The Food

I am sure you’ve all had your fair share of sushi and other Japanese cuisine back home, but it is nowhere near as good as what you’ll try in the land where it was created. I loved it because after a long day working your body out on the slopes you get to eat some tasty food, which is also incredibly healthy. Check out the offers at some of the big hotels because they will often have special evenings with huge buffets which over great value. If you need some hearty western food then that’s easy to find at the larger resorts in Hakuba.