Get Fit & Stay Fit With Reflexology!

If you’ve lost your motivation after ill-fated attempts at an overly ambitious New Year’s resolution to get in shape, don’t despair. Today is the perfect day to get back on the wagon! Get fit and staying fit is much less complicated than all the fad diets and painless workout promises would have you believe. It’s truly just the same common sense combination of eating and exercising you learned in middle school health class. Our bodies haven’t changed over the generations and neither has the need for healthy food and fitness. Follow these tips from the pros to get started down the path to fit living today.

Some of the better fitness centers and spas in New York City offer a fantastic selection of fitness classes which can be followed by both massages and the ultimate in relaxation, reflexology. Reflexology is a very specific massage performed on the feet and ankles which targets the nerve endings in the feet and ankles. While the area of massage is concentrated in reflexology, a trained professional will massage and manipulated the feet in such a way that leaves your entire body relaxed and rejuvenated.   If you’ve experienced the pleasure of a quality pedicure or foot bath, reflexology takes that experience and elevates it multifold. Prepare to be relaxed like never before.

Eat reasonable portions. Manage stress. Commit to moving and exercising every day. An easy rule of thumb for healthy eating is to enjoy three meals a day and two healthy snacks. Unprocessed foods in their natural state are the healthiest choices. Portion control is a simple as half a fist sized portions for proteins, fist sized portions for carbs and double fist size portions for vegetables. Manage stress with reflexology and massage. Keep your body limber and strong with frequent exercise. Daily walks of at least thirty minutes and simple stretching, yoga or balancing ten five to ten minutes in the morning will go a long way in improving not only your cardiovascular and fitness levels but quality of life as well. Enjoy the new you!