Building maintenance during the colder months


With the colder months settling in, now is the time to undertake essential building maintenance tasks to keep your family – or your clients – well protected in the run up to Christmas. Whether you’re looking to increase your home security or you want to save money on your energy bills, we’ve put together some of the most useful building maintenance tasks to carry out.


Painting and rusting

Whether you’re maintaining your home or you’re working on behalf of a client at a commercial property, you should analyse whether or not you need to repaint the building to prevent rusting. Chipped, cracked and flaking paint can cause rust, damp and rotting, so invest in high-quality commercial grade paint from a supplier such as Paints4Trade to give your property a makeover – and prevent the winter from causing lasting damage that will be costly to repair when spring arrives.


Gardens, courtyards, and driveways need extra attention during the colder months. By focusing on winding down your garden for the winter months – including cutting the grass, removing weeds, turning soil and composting any greenery and household waste – you will be able to enter the New Year with an outdoor space that’s ready to be worked with. As for driveways, pathways and other spaces, fill cracks, repair potholes and invest in grit, salt and a shovel to remove the snow and ice.

Windows and doors

If you invest any time in building maintenance this winter, make sure that it is spent on your windows and doors. Using sealants to insulate your windows and prevent drafts can save you hundreds of pounds over the years, and you should also consider installing safety locks to keep your family well-protected against burglaries.

Gas and central heating

During the winter months, you’re likely to be using your central heating system more than ever. Because of this, you need to make sure that your system is in full working order before the colder nights hit, so run a maintenance test from home or contact your energy supplier to arrange a free or discounted boiler check. As well as keeping your boiler in full working order, take the time to wrap any exposed pipes with weather-resistant materials to prevent pipe bursts, and clean your chimney to avoid creosote build-up, which can be a fire hazard.


When the darker nights come around, it makes sense to improve building security. Burglaries go up by 20% in the winter months, so ensure that your property is well-locked, has a fence and install flood lights. Test your home or commercial alarm system, and in domestic properties, consider installing timer plugs to make it appear as though somebody is home, even when you’re away from the building.

This winter, be sure to focus on keeping yourself safe and warm. By carrying out building maintenance in the daylight hours and before the colder weather hits, you will be able to protect your home or office and celebrate the end of the year in style.