5 Tips For De-Cluttering Your Wardrobe

De-cluttering your wardrobe can often be a daunting and challenging task. Many people feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothing they own, and are surprised by just how much they don’t actually need. www.superamart.com.au has devised a list of five tips to de-clutter you wardrobe that will help you minimalize your belongings to create better organisation,

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Categorise Your Clothing

Empty out your entire wardrobe and categorise your clothing by item type, grouping all your pants together, all your shirts together, etc. This way you can easily identify exactly every piece of clothing you own, so you have a clear imagine of how much you want to get rid of.

Get Rid Of The Ruined Items

Go through each category and pull out clothing with holes (even small ones), old stretchy jumpers you no longer wear, and any articles of clothing that would not sell in a charity clothing store. Keep anything you find sentimental, but try and limit the amount to under ten things.

Sort Through The Categories

Do you really need five pairs of black slacks? Three knitted jumpers? Sort through the clothing pile by category and put aside any pieces of clothing that you never wear (even if it looks good on you anyway). You may find some shirts or an old skirt that goes perfectly with a new shirt. Keep a few old favourites, but throw out unworn pieces.

Take A Step Back And Ask Yourself A Few Hard Questions

It is important to question why you have put aside certain items of clothing above others. Ask yourself if you have worn the item in the last twelve months. Question if the item is simply kept for sentimental reasons. Are you keeping it to go back in time? Do you miss your university days? Did you wear that skirt when you met your partner? These questions often help differentiate between the clothes you want and the clothes you need.

Create A New Wardrobe

Look over your choices once last time. Go through each categorised box and make sure you haven’t missed anything. Check that the pile of clothes you have set aside to keep are really what you need, and check if you haven’t accidently slipped a new pair of jeans into the pile you will be giving away. Think about the type of clothing that you wear, and consider what needs to be replaced, and how the clothes you have kept fits with your accessories. Make sure that you actually like the clothes you have chosen to keep!

De-cluttering your wardrobe is a great time to re-evaluate your purchasing habits, and question why you buy thing you don’t need in the first place. It is important to organise your clothes so you have a better understanding of exactly what you have, and realise the items that you need but don’t have. It doesn’t have to be hard! So what are you waiting for? It’s time for a wardrobe Spring clean!