Air Fryer Usage Made Easy    

The air fryer is a revolutionary product that is increasingly used for making all favourite fried foods. Instead of using oil for frying, the air fryer circulates super hot air around the food to cook it. There are many people who feel that the air fryer may cook food, but it may not have the crispiness that is generally found in deep fried food. This is not true and you have to see it to believe it. When you visit any popular shopping mall, you may find demonstrations of the air fryers given by promotional teams. You can have a look at the process out there or you can also have a look at some videos that will make you understand how to use an air fryer.


If you are planning to make French fries in the air fryer, you will be aghast to know that you can have healthy foods even without oil.

  • To make the French fries, you can simply get them from the market in the frozen condition and then put them in the air fryer.
  • If you are going to use fresh potatoes, then you will have to make sure that they are cut evenly.
  • Then you will have to keep the potato strips in water for almost 30 minutes. If you don’t keep the potatoes in water for some time, you will find that they don’t turn out the way they should be.
  • Once the potatoes are soaked in water for 30 minutes, you will have to dry them off. When you are drying them off, you will have to make sure that there is absolutely no moisture over the potatoes.
  • Once the drying is over, you can add bit of oil. You may just need about a half spoon of oil.
  • Then, add pepper, salt, and then mix them well.
  • Once this is done, you will have to put the mixture in the air fritter.
  • The air fryer needs to be set to 350 degrees to make sure that you get the best taste.

In a typical air drier, there is a vessel which can be detached from the main unit. Thus, cleaning the unit becomes very easy and simple. Most air fryers that are available in the market have a limited time duration. So, when the air frying is done, the unit will automatically stop heating. For some foods, you may have to do the air frying in parts. After the first few minutes, you may have to take out the contents and give them a stir before you put them again for the next phase of heating. Since the inner coating of the vessel is made out or non-stick material, you will have to make sure that you use a wooden spatula for stirring or mixing. There are several other precautions that you need to take care of when you are using the air fryer. You will receive a complete operations manual or user manual along with the air fryer. Make sure that you read it thoroughly before you operate the air fryer.