Why choose a modular kitchen over custom-made kitchen?

Kitchens are considered as the energy source of a home. However now kitchens are not only a place for cooking and preparing food, it is also a place where the whole family meets for lunch or dinner and spends time. This has become possible with the coming of wide range of modular kitchens and the joining of the dining area with the kitchen area. Infact having a modular kitchen also elevates the standard of your property manifold times and creates a center of attraction in your home.

Many people say that having custom-made kitchen is same as having a modular kitchen. But it is not so. Here is a comparison as why having a modular kitchen is better than a custom-made kitchen.

  • Great space management – Space constraint is a major issue in all kitchens. In a modular kitchen, optimum space management is possible as the cabinets and other parts are designed accordingly. There are different kinds of kitchen units in modular kitchens so that they can hold different kinds of containers in them. Spaces in the corners can also be utilized in modular kitchens. These facilities are nor widely available in custom-made kitchens.


  • Maintenance and repair – Sometimes you might need a maintenance and repair of your kitchen or just a part of it. In custom kitchens, the whole kitchen will be affected due to the same. However, in modular kitchens, it is possible to just take the defected part out and get it repaired. Modular kitchens come in different modules and in case any part develops problem, only that part needs replacement. This is an extremely convenient option.


  • Good looks and fine finishing – There is no doubt that custom kitchens have extremely good looks and are quite appealing but most of the times, they lack the fine finishing of modular kitchens. For instance, the drawers, racks, shelves, cabinets etc. in a modular kitchen have a uniform appeal and give a very decent look to the kitchen interiors. In custom kitchens, there might be disparities in the colors or the materials used in making the cabinets and other things.


  • Easy to clean modular kitchens – The chimney installed in the modular kitchen does not allow oil stickiness or dust in the kitchen. However, regular cleaning is good for modular kitchens. Since the kitchen is highly organized and systematic, cleaning the modular kitchen is convenient when compared to custom or ordinary kitchens.

These are some of the reasons why modular kitchens are gaining popularity in-spite of their high price range. A variety of modular kitchens are now available in the market today and the variety extends to their features too. You can find out more information about the latest modular kitchen trends here.