How to decorate a period home

When renovating a period home, it’s crucial that you retain the original character of the house and showcase its authentic features at the same time as putting your own stamp on it. There are lots of great decorating ideas out there – if you need a hand making the most of your period property, then we’re here to help!

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Display original features

Don’t hide away any of your home’s classic features – instead, you should be proud of them and find ways of framing them with modern fixtures and fittings.

A common attribute of period houses is exposed brickwork, which is currently something many prospective property buyers are looking for in their new abode. This is because it makes a space look rustic, cosy and charming – so if you want my advice, don’t even think about plastering over it!

Similarly, if you have a grand old fireplace in your lounge, don’t rip it out and replace it with a contemporary alternative. Just put in a bit of elbow grease and spruce it up a bit to make it more presentable – the end result will be majestic and your friends are bound to be impressed by it when you invite them round.

If your current floorboards are looking a little past their best and are too damaged to be restored, there are lots of other flooring alternatives you could turn to that would hold on to your property’s natural authenticity at the same time as injecting it with a splash of class and modernity.

For instance, solid wood flooring is celebrated by homeowners for its stunning appearance and unmatched quality. Whether you’re after a light, pale surface or rich, brown materials, all your needs are catered to atĀ UK Flooring Direct.

Unfinished styles in particular are perfectly suited to a period decor, as each of them come with bevelled edges that bring a unique quality to any space. And you don’t have to worry about splashing out too much for the floors, as they are low-cost and offer luxury at a price that won’t break the bank.
Vintage styles

A warm and elegant home interior with a vintage theme would be most appropriate for a period property. Therefore, when it comes to picking out shades to paint your walls, opt for pastel colours that can be layered to create impact.

One major feature of vintage interior design is antiques, so why not head down to your nearest auction or second-hand store and see if there are any bargains you could pick up for just a few quid? This is a great way to make your home renovation complete without stretching your budget to its limits.

Whether it’s a quaint china set you could place in display cabinets or a grand old clock for your hallway, it’s the little touches that really serve to bring the period qualities of your house to life. All it takes is a vase of beautiful blooms on the dining room table or an old-fashioned mirror in your lounge to make your home look fantastic!