How to improve your home on a budget

We all love to live in a home that looks great, it’s even better if we can spruce up our homes in a way that doesn’t break the bank! Whether you’re looking to transform your home or even looking to make it look better before you sell it, at OSC we’ve come up with several fantastic ways for you to think about. These ideas are a superb way of getting the best out of your home in an inexpensive way.

It's time to get the paint brushes out again
It’s time to get the paint brushes out again

Of course the value of your home can be increased but this will rely on factors such as the overall condition of your house and also the housing market in the region which you live.

If you’ve recently spruced up your home then we would love to hear what worked for you, if you have any tips or tricks to share then just op your ideas down in the comment section below.

Here are some simple ways to get the most out of your budget:

A sizzling kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of a home. More often than not buyers will head straight to the kitchen when they first visit, so it is essential to make sure that your kitchen looks both clean and modern.

For very little money you can purchase some new cabinet door handles and also make your lighting more appealing by using brighter bulbs. If you’re into DIY then it’s always a good idea to replace cabinet doors, this will give your kitchen a brand new feel.

A sparkling bathroom

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the next most important room for you to update. The good news is that they can be updated for very little money. Simple changes such as a new toilet seat and a new sink can be easily done yourself – both of these will make a huge difference to the image of your bathroom. The floor in a bathroom can easily become discoloured over time, you don’t always need to pull up your old flooring because you can put a new one over it. One of our biggest gripes is seeing chipped tiles in bathrooms, don’t forget to replace any tiles that need to be changed.

Check what’s under your feet

If you have carpet running throughout your house then you need to make sure it does your home justice. The carpet is something that can immediately make your house look brand new and clean. Luckily you might only need to hire a professional company to come in and clean your carpets. If they are looking a little worn and old around the edges then all you have to do is place some rugs in the correct areas – this is a great way to make things look better at a very low cost.