5 Handy Tools For Wood Cutting.

Whether it’s tackling a home project or doing some general repair work, having high-quality wood cutting tools on hand can be a big help. If you’ve recently decided to commit to a project, you’re probably looking for tools to make the job a little easier. Innovative companies like STIHL can provide the right tools for the job – whatever the task. If you need a little help figuring out just what kind of tools you need for that upcoming project or task, read on. Here are 5 handy tools for wood cutting that anyone serious about DIY or home repairs should own.

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1. Hatchet

One of the most basic yet handy tools to have in your arsenal is the hatchet. A hatchet is like a small axe that only requires the use of one hand. This makes it perfect for cutting and splitting wood. Also, due to it’s small size, it’s less cumbersome to carry around and great for small tasks. And FYI: if you ever go camping, this tool is great to take with you to chop off dead branches to add to the fire.

2. Circular Saw

Another great tool to have around, a circular saw offers the versatility and mobility lacking in a regular table-saw. Cuts tend to stay straight and accurate with this useful tool, and blades can be changed in order to cut different materials other than just wood. These features make owning a circular saw quite indispensible to have around, and can make almost any task light work.

3. Jigsaw

Unlike the circular-saw, the jigsaw allows for arbitrary cuts to be made. This makes it ideal for those projects (or tasks) that require a little more creativity. It’s a great compliment to the circular-saw, and owning one can make your life so much easier when it comes to DIY and home repairs. Cutting curves is a cinch with this power tool, and the fact that it has smaller blades means that it’s perfect for those smaller home projects; just make sure to leave the straight cuts to the bigger saws.

4. Hedge Trimmer

Do you have hedges forming natural fences on your property? Rather than spending all day with the shears, a hedge trimmer is a great investment. Hedge trimmers make grooming bushes go by so much faster and easier. They also require less effort when you’re trying to cut through overgrown thickets that might have been difficult with just hedge shears. On top of that, you can find long reach trimmers for the taller hedges and hard to reach spots.

5. Chain Saw

For larger property maintenance such as pruning, tree felling and cutting firewood, the chainsaw is the way to go. More often a two-stroke engine, the chainsaw provides high performance in a portable device. The chains today are continually improving to help lessen the vibration, making it an easier and more efficient tool to use. As is always the case when operating power tools, make sure you wear protective clothing and gear, and take extra precaution when using it, especially when performing heavy duty tasks such as felling trees.
There are plenty of tools out there that can help you with your home projects and repairs. They can vary from simple, and to the point, handheld hatchets, to the more sophisticated chainsaws and pruners. Figure out your needs and make sure to do your research. If there’s something specific you’re looking to do or work on, there’s probably a handy tool out there to make your life a little easier.