How to Decorate a Child’s Room for Christmas

The Christmas season allows us opportunity to redecorate our homes in line with the festive celebrations. Ornaments and cards fill mantle-pieces, colourful tinsel and decorations hang on the walls and fairy lights add a charismatic touch all around the home. Of course, the traditional Christmas tree often becomes the focal point of the living room also.

However, many families choose to spruce up all parts of the home with Christmassy decorations. Children are enthralled with this time of the year so redesigning their room will enhance their experience even further. It is also something exciting for you both to get stuck into and encourage their creative side.

What to Use

There are usually things leftover from decorating the rest of the home that can be used in your child’s room. Use spare tinsel and wrapping paper to cover empty spaces whilst bows and ribbons can add a nice festive touch also, especially for girls. Traditional items such as Advent calendars and Xmas stockings can also be hung on walls as an extra treat. Christmas cards are also simple decorations that can create a feel-good atmosphere.

Ways to Decorate

There is no real right or wrong answer when choosing how to decorate the room. You can experiment with different techniques about where to hang your items. For example, you could cover the back of the door with wrapping paper and add tinsel around the perimeter of the frame. Another good idea is to create a display area for the child to hang their Christmas cards; you attach string to the wall and simply rest them on top, or stick them to a memo board with colourful pins.

Bedroom Furniture

The holidays may give you an excuse to rearrange the whole room or even bring in new furniture items. As kids are off school and are generally excitable around the Christmas holidays then a lot of space will be needed for them to play in. An influx of toys and games is typically the result of Christmas Day itself as well so freeing up room is desirable for parents.

One way to do this is to purchase cabin or loft beds. These are beds where the mattress is at an elevated level which in turn frees up space in the area below for extra storage compartments. These commonly come in the form of wardrobes, drawers or shelves. Desks are another familiar feature integrated into cabin beds, something very useful for children at school. Ladders and even slides are incorporated into these beds, making them more appealing for children.

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You can also think of investing in Christmassy lampshades, bed covers and ornaments as further ways to spruce up the bedroom. Decorating existing tables or drawers gives off a more festive spirit and allows children to enjoy spending time in their rooms around the holidays.