What To Bear In Mind When Buying A New Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are usually the answer to the sweltering summer. They are installed for comfort and for health reasons. These are intended in such a way to cool single rooms at a time. There are many types in the market today that can fit in walls or casement windows. When shopping for window air conditioner you have to look for many things to consider when buying new air conditioner.

Cooling Capacity

The first consideration should be the cooling capacity.  Normally cooling power is measured in BTUs, per hour. This is the basic measure of thermal energy. You can estimate the appropriate BTU according to your room size. Shading of the room and insulation of the walls affect BTU requirement. It is essential to consider ceiling height, sunlight, shade, number of people and the room where it should be installed.

Energy Efficiency

The second thing is energy efficiency of AC you buy. To look on the energy efficiency it is good to go through the product specification like energy star rating and EER number. The energy star rated room AC uses around 10 percent less power than conventional models and can help you to save money on operating costs. These until have features for better control over energy output. Another way of determining AC level is to look at this EER which is the energy efficiency ratio. This informs you how many BTUs the unit uses for each watt of power.


Most of the window air conditioner models are designed to fit inside the double hung windows however many models can be installed inside custom created wall space with some special mounting hardware. If you are thinking to install the unit inside windows you need to measure the dimension of the frame exactly. All the window AC come with installation kits which includes side curtains to seal off the extra break left in each side of the window. It is also important to find the right company for installation service many AC installation contractors do not take into consideration those customers spend money on the service and purchase. So choose the one who are fully conscious of this and can install the AC system that has real value for the investment.

When completely installed the most important things is to maintaining in top condition. To ensure long lasting operation clean the unit thoroughly without waiting until you detect faulty operation. You can refer some websites for maintenance tips and instructions. Other than these there are many things to consider like electrical requirement, warranty, and environment friendly and so on.