Use Printed Designs to Jazz up Your Home

Sprucing up one’ home does not require a very big budget – tell that to the DIY homeowners and they will agree for sure. As a matter of fact, you can simply use your old furniture, as well as re-use the excess items you can find in the kitchen or in your storage. And with a few touches, these regular household items will look like they have just been brought from the store.

Now, to make a room look even more fun and exciting, a popular method for decorating is to make use of prints. Anything will do – old newspapers, magazines or you could print out new stuff that you made from scratch or you took from the Internet. Then, you could cut them out first, and paste or just directly put it over wherever suits your fancy. Sounds fun, right?

Printed Designs on the Floor

Did you know that a lot of people have made fabulous floors by simply using paper bags? If you want a funkier look, you can even use newspapers, and bring them up to your walls or as high as your ceilings. You can simply use decoupage for this or a mixture of water and glue for a less expensive alternative. Another great option is to add stain to the paper for an added color, and make sure not to forget a sealer, such as polyurethane, to make it last long.

Printed Designs on Walls

If the idea above is not something for you, then you could try out putting isolated printed designs on your walls. Most people use vinyl cutouts that can be ordered – or you could make one from scratch if you have those laser cutting printers (or ask a professional hot foil printing service). The main advantage, with using vinyl wall decals, is that they stick well. In addition, they are quite easy to remove, and do not leave residues or marks that could ruin the wall. Not to mention, it does not require a lot of creative or DIY experience because all you have to do is stick them on the wall like you would stickers on a book.

Printed Designs to Complement Your Room

When decorating, always keep in mind that too much of anything is bad, and can be an eyesore. Bold and bright colors in a room are fun and playful, but if you want to have a few spots that would let the eyes rest, add some prints! You can use printed fabrics on your throw pillows or your ottoman, so it will look slightly out-of-place but not really. Make sure that the majority of the color of the printed design is in contrast to the colors of the room to make it stand out – you can design your own to be sure.

If you cannot stop yourself with the printed designs, but are not sure if it still looks pleasing to other people, it might be best to keep them private – limit them to your room or bathroom (that you do not share with others, of course). Surely, you do not want to be the talk of the town for having a makeover disaster because of the printed design overload in your home.