Funky Design Features With Household Items

Funky design features do not have to cost you a ton of money. From used boxes and tin cans to ladders, there are a lot of different regular household items and common everyday stuff that can be converted into stunning decorations. So, before you dump or donate anything, take a look at the item with a creative and artistic eye.

Are you looking for ways to make your regular household items and old belongings become a part of your home? Take a look at the ideas we have shared in this article…

Recycled boxes

Boxes, especially the cardboard ones, are normally recycled, and reused as storage containers for a variety of things, such as old clothing, picture albums, toys, magazines, tapes and even small furniture. But, these recycled boxes can also be used to add more flair and style to your home. With a flash of inspiration, imagination and creativity, you may transform these cartons into decorative masquerade masks, colorful alphabet shapes, ornamental snowflakes, and a whole lot more.

Do you have tons of wooden boxes at home? You have probably used wooden crates for storing and carrying vegetables, fruits and other products from the supermarket. And with a bit of creativity, you can recycle these boxes, and mold them into funky design features, to make your home more chic and gorgeous.  With a few simple crates, you may escape the norm, and create stylish organizers, boxes, cabinets, tables and shelves.

Not only are these boxes sustainable, but they can be quiet an eyeful as well, especially when they well designed and crafted. Furthermore, they can be decorated in any area of your home, whether you are hanging them in the garden, bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.

Wine bottles

Don’t throw your used wine bottles, as they can be converted into eye-catching vases that will hold all your favorite aromatic flowers. If there is a label on the bottle, get rid of it, and make the bottle transparent, or paste something unique and artistic to it. Likewise, you can break the bottle’s neck to enlarge its mouth.

Wallpaper scraps

If you have scraps of wallpaper sitting around your attic, create striking wall designs or murals with them by cutting them into pieces, and pasting them on your wall. With your wallpaper scraps, you may make stars, animals or geometric designs on your wall.


As you move onto digital music, you are probably left with a tiny mountain of obsolete CDs lying around. The good news is you can recycle these items, and use them as coasters for drinks as well as holders for candles. Moreover, you can refashion a handful of CDs into a dazzling wind chime or a tasteful wall decoration.

Old and broken silverware

Vintage pieces of silverware may add more distinction and charm to your interior décor, when you creatively re-purpose them. For instance, you may use forks and spoons as cabinet and drawer pulls in your kitchen. In addition, you can transform your silverware into gleaming candleholders that will grab everyone’s attention.

From wooden boxes to silverware, there are countless of overlooked items that can definitely create more tone and aesthetic appeal to your home. Just be creative, and try to think out of the box, so can transform your plan household items into funky design features.