5 Beautiful Fabrics for Your Home Décor

Decorating our homes can be very stressful at times. But, what’s more exhausting is on what type of fabrics we should choose that would generally make our home beautiful and safe. Fabrics are considered the third layer of design when it comes to adorning your home – right after finishing paints and flooring. They create the personality of a certain area of the house.

Take a look at five of the most beautiful fabrics perfect for your home décor, courtesy of Dragonfly Fabrics.


Acrylic is made from a synthetic fiber that is known for its soft hand and wool-like texture. One great thing about this fabric is that it’s resistant to sunlight. It does not shrink and retains its color, making it more than a perfect choice from home decorating.

Chenille is the most popular acrylic fabric that is used for upholstery, bedding, slipcovers and decorative pillows.


This fabric is made from a vegetable fiber. Linen has a fine luster, which most mothers and kids love to touch. It possesses a healthy stain resistance but wrinkles oftentimes. Still, the style follows the inherent nature of the material.

Linens are, in general, uses as a table covering. Its light and casual nature relate to different seasons of the year. Match the color of the linens for every kinds of weather, to make it a stand out.


We always notice polyester fabrics being used at motel spread, but polyester isn’t just for that places. Nowadays, there are various kinds of polyesters and polyester bends around the market. They have gained popularity because they’re not that stiff and itchy unlike those polyester fabrics before. Polar fleece, micro-fleece, microfiber and polynosic have become favorites because of the way it naturally feels.



This intricate and elegant natural fabric has been cherished for centuries, thanks to its soothing feel and amazing aesthetic features. Silk offers richness and royalty to any room in any house. It is, for the most part, used for window covering and, will hold up quite well, if properly lined and underlined. However, there is a tendency that sun exposure may dry out the fibers causing the colors to fade away and eventually caused the fibers to break down.

Tafetta and dupioni are very popular in home decorating, imparting a luster and depth that man-made fabrics simply cannot match. We all should put in mind that silk can never be used for upholstery due to its delicate nature, but can be used for pillow covers and shams.

Cotton Fabrics

When it all boils down to decorating and enhancing your home’s appeal, cotton fabric is the most easy to use and maintain. It is the most versatile and one of the most durable fabrics there is. It is so popular because it is easy to care for and comfortable to use year-round. In a humid weather, cotton breathes. As your body perspires, the cotton starts to absorb moisture, and then releases it on the surface of the fabric. In winter and colder days, it retains heat for the body.

Cotton can come from different manufacturer, but almost all are woven from 100% cotton.