How to Get Your Garden Looking Good Cost Effectively – and How to Show It Off!

So you’re looking out your back window and realising that it’s been awhile since you paid it too much attention – but it’s definitely something that’s been on your mind, just not on your budget. To help get you the garden you want at the prices you need, keep reading for some great tips.


A Good Clean

Often overlooked because of its simplicity, it’s this very reason that it’s the first on this list. Set aside a weekend and really get out there and get dirty. Clear away any weeds and take care of any trimming of overgrown plants and bushes that aren’t helping its appeal. Once this is done, you may find your garden look remarkably better without spending a dime!


Replace Your Plants and Flowers

One of the main things that detract from a good looking garden are a lack of flowers and plants. But this doesn’t mean that you need to spend hundreds on new ones, just a small amount on the right ones. Look for fast growing plants that can give you a quick return on your purchase to get your garden looking fresh sooner. Along with this, big and bright colors can be the best way to excite the eye and potentially distract from any other less than desirable parts.


Make Your Own Water Feature – Cheap

Just because you don’t have the space or money doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a water feature. There are a number of ways online for turning things like an old wine cooler and a barrel into a gorgeous water feature without breaking the budget. It just takes a bit of your time.



One of the best tricks to getting your garden looking its best is…a trick. Choose some small solar powered lights and place them strategically around your garden. Light up only the parts you’re most proud of. If you have the space, consider a brief walking path that’s lit from below to guide guests around the best parts of your garden.


Show it off!

While it can be hard to get people excited about gardens, especially children, a trick we found was a treat hunt. Once you’re happy with how your garden is looking, utilize your Groupon coupons and grab a box of cookies or treats and plant them around the best areas of your garden. Let the children run wild and search while you and their parents sit back with a glass of wine and watch them play…not knowing that their eyes are being drawn to the best parts of your new garden.


There we have it – a clean garden fresh with color, a water feature, lighting and impressed neighbors. What more could you need?