Make grilling more glam with wine

If you like to keep healthy or you love to have a barbecue when the weather is right then you will know all about grilled food. I personally love grilled food, not only because it is healthier than other methods, but it also tastes great! There’s nothing better than sitting outside grilling some super food and washing it down with a refreshing well paired wine.


Recently I have found myself trying various types of wines to see which match my tasty food the best. I’ve managed to draw up a great little set of guidelines to follow, they certainly haven’t let me down yet! But before I give them to you I need to add that the the number one rule is – always choose what you like and prefer!

Light is white

Generally speaking, the light bodied wines often come from grapes used in white wine. They go perfectly with lighter foods such as grilled vegetables and chicken. The more full do died red wines which have a bolder flavour pair well with nearly all types of meat, especially steaks and lamb.

Red after white

If you are going to indulge and have more that one type of wine with your meal you should always remember this idea: drink white before red wine and also lighter wines before the heavier choices that you have, this will help the palate adjust to the different flavours.

Opposites do attract

Of course matching wine to the flavours in the food is the rule you should follow, sometimes it does pay to change it up a little. For example, a wine which is a tad sweeter can offset the spiciness of a particular dish. A good example of this is how a crisp, chilled Chardonnay pairs perfectly with asian dishes that are packed with flavour.

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