How to protect a council allotment

An allotment is great place for people to grow their own vegetables and is something that many take a huge deal of pride in.

During the latter stages of a person’s career they sometimes dream of having their own allotment where they can enjoy their retirement. There is a real sense of achievement in being able to eat the produce that you have grown yourself and can also be an innovative way of saving money on the weekly foodshop.

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Council allotments are fairly common across the UK but people need to keep their specific plot safe and secure. This can be achieved through a variety of measures so here are a few examples of how metal railings can provide a practical but safe option for bordering.

Bow Top fencing

This style of railing can be the perfect way to keep your allotment safe while also being aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Also known as Hairpin fencing or Hoop Top fencing these borders will provide a versatile and durable access solution to suit your needs.

You can customise the fencing to whichever way you see fit. This can be achieved by choosing a different lick of paint or adjusting the height preference. They will also come in handy if you are planning on creating some hanging baskets which could be simply placed on the fencing bordering your patch.

Goodwood Railings

While traditionally used when constructing playgrounds, Goodwood Railings would also be perfect for protecting an allotment. The timber pales are planed ensuring that there are no sharp edges and the space between each section is small enough to stop any foxes attempting to get in.

The timber gives the fencing a much more natural look and can be a great alternative to the more traditional chicken wire or metal fencing that others may use. The wood has also been treated with a 25-year guarantee which will put most minds at ease.

More information on these products can be foundĀ here.

Transparent Railing

These are an absolute must if you want to give your allotment a modern twist. The beautifully crafted fencing is fixed with an eye-catching panel which can be used as a balustrade if you desire.

It brings together both style and security as the transparent panel will keep out any pesky animals that are trying to eat your crops while at the same time giving the allotment a real natural feel.

The posts and treated timber framing come with a 25-year guarantee which will mean that you can enjoy this pleasing look for years to come.

Ornamental fencing

This is a more traditional look but again but will achieve the security that you are looking for. Ornamental fencing can be fitted with gates that could make the perfect entrance to your allotment.

One of the benefits of this type of fencing is that is made free from rivets and has no weak joints so it will not be liable to rust or fall apart in the winter months. With a 25-year service life guarantee people can be safe in the knowledge that this is fencing that will not let you down in the long run.