Super-quick bedroom revamp tips

Sometimes time seems to fly. Many of us feel we hardly have any of it to spend at home – let alone to use in redecorating!

But the brilliant truth about revamping a room is that it doesn’t always have to take days and days if you don’t want it to.

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Yes, there are some jobs that require quite a bit of work – and if you’re very busy these are the sort that it’s perhaps wise to outsource to reputable tradespeople.

But there’s always something little that can be done to make a change in a room without having to take up too much precious time.

One room this certainly applies to is the bedroom. Here a simple change of duvet cover and bedding can sometimes be enough to really enhance things, giving you a sense that a space has been renewed.


Sometimes, you can be aware that a space is no longer quite working for you, without perhaps knowing what needs to be done to improve matters. But don’t despair: once you’ve decided that changes should be made, all you’re after is a pinch of inspiration to help bring them into action.

Of course there are some very obvious places to seek inspiration when it comes to interiors.

Programmes about home design are still very popular on our TV screens. Not only that, but any good newsagent will stock home magazines that provide a lot of different kinds of style advice. These are useful and fun to read, so put your feet up, because the inspiration stage should be enjoyable!

And you don’t just have to rely on the more obvious sources of inspiration that are out there.

For example, when you’re out shopping for clothes, and spot a pattern you really like, why not look into whether something similar can be found in wallpaper or bedding for your bedroom?

And of course the natural world has been inspiring people for a very long time when it comes to creative endeavors. You could easily become the latest person to use it to your advantage in this way. If you’re walking in the countryside and see a colour you like, take a snap on your phone and remember it for later, for example.


How are you going to turn what you have decided to do in your bedroom into actual action? It’s best to use a specific slot of time to do some of the planning work. Write down what you want to achieve and you’ll be that bit closer to actually getting there.

Of course these days you’ll be hitting the net in both the inspiration and planning stages, making the most of this resource to help you.

Look for potentially time-savings ways to bring a sense of refreshment to your room, such as the brilliant bedroom sets that are out there.

There are lots of¬†great websites¬†selling bedroom items, too, which you can browse and buy on whenever you have a little spare time. With the internet, it’s just so easy to get a bit of a bedroom revamp planning in at times that suit you, rather than having to do it all at once!

Getting it all started

Depending on the changes you’re making, the actual act of revamping your room may take the longest sustained period of work from you. But you could easily make a room look very different with just a day of hard work.

This could be used for constructing any new furniture that you have bought and placing it, for example, as well as adding new bedding. Or it could simply be used for a good old clear-out and rearrange!

Remember that if you are doing any DIY in the room, you’ll save time if you look into the best way to go about your job first. Reputable websites or books could help here.