Injecting Spark into Your Garden Over the Gloomier Months

Injecting Spark Into Your Garden Over The Gloomier Months…

The summer is over, and so too is all the beauty and the fun in nature, right? You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is the case, as the trees slowly start losing their colour, the sky looks pretty bleak, and honestly, your outlook gets pretty dull. The phrase ‘winter wonderland’ wasn’t plucked out of nowhere though, and we’ve got a few ideas of our own as to how best to keep your garden looking, well – wondrous!

Plant some year-round plants

Loads of plants sadly just can’t hack it throughout the harsh winter months, which is why it’s often a good idea to plant a few which can brighten up the garden even across the dreariest of seasons. Of course, perennial plants (which live during spring and summer and then ‘die’ only to flourish again the next year) are great, but you can’t appreciate them during the winter! You can get some gorgeous frost resistant pansies, for example, to keep things bright and cheerful, although you really should still cover these up during the especially brutal storms – after all, no living thing is invincible! Winter is a good time to plant things for harvest in the early new year though. It’s even a good time to consider different options such as vegetables (2015 will be a huge year for self-sustainability), so these shallot bulbs from Be Garden Happy would be perfect.

Put down some pretty pebbles

When you watch ‘The Wizard Of Oz’, one of the most charming aspects which really situates the film and gives it character is the Yellow Brick Road – there’s even a song about it! Okay, whilst this might not be that hard to believe (it is a musical after all…) it’s not hard to see that sometimes pathways can be a total focal point, and the ones in your garden should be no different. Consider getting some gorgeous stones (officially called aggregate) put down, to surround your walkways, water features or even just your pond. As their name suggests, Decorative Aggregate can help out, and you can be really creative with exactly what you’re putting down. There are plenty of colours you can choose, to make things a little less dull and boring throughout the harsher months.

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Decorate for Halloween and Christmas

The winter does have some really great holidays to celebrate, and your garden shouldn’t be left out from all the action! Hang cobwebs and spooky décor for Halloween, and when Christmas comes around, inject some magic by building a snowman (where possible) or putting up one of those cute little ‘Santa Stop Here’ signs. You’re never too old to have a little fun with it!