Best Ways to Cool Your Home in the Summer Heat

The summer months can be long and muggy, and you might find yourself wondering when your house will ever feel cool again. Hot weather can be difficult to sleep in, and you may want to spend as much time as possible outdoors in the shade, or in an air-conditioned shopping mall. But keeping your home cool doesn’t have to be difficult or even expensive. Here are some great ways to cool down in those hot summer months:


Stay closed

The blinds, that is! While you might want to let in the sunshine, keeping your blinds closed can keep your home up to 30% cooler naturally. It will save you money and prevent your home from feeling like a sauna. Another thing to keep closed is the door between rooms. Close off the doors to rooms you don’t use during the day and you’ll keep the cool air in the rooms you want it.

Air conditioners

If you’re looking to really cool down your home quickly, air conditioners are the way to go. They can quickly remedy the hot and muggy feeling in your room, making you feel comfortable. Supplemental air conditioning units are a great way to get the cool air circulating, without the expense of a system for the entire home.

Change your sheets

Changing your linens can really help freshen up and cool your bed. It always feels more fresh to have clean sheets, but you can also think about the type of material you’re using on your bed. Put away the flannel sheets and fleece blankets, and throw on some light cotton sheets that will keep your skin cool at night. Also, buckwheat pillows tend to be a cooler material than down or other materials inside of pillows.

Use fans

Fans can be a great way to keep your home nice and cool. Did you know that if you set your fans to spin counter-clockwise, they will create a breezy effect when set at a high speed? Use fans at night in your bedroom to stay cool, and create wind tunnels by positioning your fans perfectly so they produce an airflow that moves throughout the house. Don’t forget to open your windows at night to let the fresh air in as well.