Invest in garden essentials this springtime

If you’ve just spent all winter trapped inside your home and keeping an eye on your gas meter, then the joys of spring are sure to be welcomed.

During the cold December, January and February months we often think how nice it would be to spend more time outside and we make many empty promises to ourselves about all the work we are going to do to enable us to make the garden a real and viable extension to our living quarters.

Well, this year let’s be committed and make good on our winter promises. The good news is that it only takes a little bit of effort and time to bring big improvements to your garden and once you have invested in it, you can reap the rewards – not only this year, but for a long time to come as well.

Here is a list of the most rewarding jobs you can get done in the garden this winter.

1 – Extend your spring cleaning into the garden

The season of spring is the traditional time of the year for DIY projects and decorating in the home. Even those who do not want to participate in anything as strenuous as a loft extension or refit a bathroom will often give their house a good tidy.

If you’re going to do this, why not do the same outdoors? Even some simple aesthetic tasks such as pulling the winter debris from the flower beds or repainting a few fence panels can make it all the more likely that you’re going to enjoy your time spent in the garden a lot more come the summer.

Spring is always a good time to plan any major restructuring in the garden too, as you want to enjoy the benefits in the summer rather than sweating with your spade under the hot sun.

2 – Buy a quality BBQ

In order for you to want to spend more time outside, your garden is going to need to be more luxurious. That means food and warmth, and nothing provides that better than a BBQ.

You can get barbecues in all shapes and sizes these days, but remember that you are investing, so you should aim to get a grill that will still be cooking brilliant burgers in ten years’ time. If you want a guide to some of the features on offer, you can head to the WoW BBQ site and look at some of the Weber barbecue options.

If you do this in the spring, you can ensure that you will not waste any time in the summer. The English weather is temperamental so if you have a good barbecue waiting in your back garden, you will always be well prepared for an impromptu garden party.

Better yet, if you invest in a high-quality barbecue such as one of the Weber models, you’ll find that you’ll not need to replace it for years, meaning that a chance of a decade of perfectly-cooked burgers in summer sunshine await.

3 – Get some new garden furniture

Once you have some food on your barbecue, you’re going to want somewhere to eat it that isn’t the kitchen table, as going back inside defeats the purpose of your commitments to enjoy the great outdoors.

Garden furniture can be as simple as plastic chairs or as extravagant as wrought-iron tables. Again, in the spirit of investment, it is probably advisable that you purchase the set that is most likely to draw you out of the house on a sunny day.