Want a classy office? How about one in the garden?

Do you want to work in an office that looks incredibly cool and contemporary, is sure to excite people when you show it to them, and is in a scenic setting?

How about one where you feel surrounded by things that inspire you the moment you enter? A place where the decor isn’t generic-office-dull and characterless, it’s moulded to your tastes and needs.

You might feel that you would have to work in a hip office building with potentially high rents to fulfill this dream.

Actually, a structure from The Garden Office could tick all these boxes Рwith the added benefit of being a hop, skip and jump from your home.

Head to this brand’s website and you’ll instantly be greeted with images of streamlined, contemporary looking buildings that any professional would be proud to call their working home.

The exterior of these garden offices is all about neatness and classic colours, while the use of glass adds to the contemporary feel and assures you that light can be be prioritised in these spaces.

Once a building has been put in place – to dimensions that suit you and your space – it’s time to create an interior that can potentially be far more personal than a workstation in a large shared office building would be.

Hanging art on the walls is one way to bring a real sense of class to a space. It’s also a way to decorate using other people’s creativity, which could help you to be creative and imaginative in your working life.

When it comes to your interior, maybe you’re looking for something hip that uses humour and a sense of fun, as seen in some of the most cutting edge office spaces out there. You can achieve this inside a garden office, which provides to you as a blank canvas, ready for your imaginative input.

Using some bright, bold colours in your furniture choices could help, with unusual pieces like beanbags or an inflatable chair bringing in a sense that this is a creative space where work ought to be enjoyable. With a garden office, the choice of interior style is down to you.

And the exterior is so beautifully minimalist and stylish that it will match beautifully with almost any type of interior decoration look.

Unlike if you rent an office somewhere posh outside of your home, you also have the advantage with a garden office space that, should you decide you no longer need an office outside your house, you can change the use of this classy location for something else.

Say you no longer work from home – well why not take advantage of the structure to create a home gym? The addition of the right equipment could be all you need to quickly put together a sleek space for increasing your fitness in a hassle-free way.

A garden office is an investment – the structure will be there for years for you to use however you wish, and its sleek design will never go out of style.

So rather than using you money renting a space owned by someone else, why not consider putting it into a modern and exciting space that you can take full ownership of?