How to Make Your Walls Look Great

The walls in your home say a lot about your personal style. The way you choose to decorate your walls can really change the mood of a room, in a big way! There are so many great and creative ways to shift the atmosphere of a room through wall treatments and decorations, so check out some of these ideas to really uplift your style:


Go for color

When it comes to interior design, don’t be afraid of color! Going bold with your wall color can really create an inviting atmosphere. You wouldn’t feel so welcomed by completely white and stark room, right? So opt for more than less color if you’re feeling adventurous. Warm and earthy tones are welcoming and inviting, while brighter colors like yellow and orange create a cheery atmosphere.

Consider size and space

The amount of space that you have on each wall will help determine what you can do with that area. For example, if you’re dealing with a small wall on one side of your fireplace, you probably don’t want to dominate that space with a large painting. But a large open wall on one side of the room would look great with some featured art pieces.

Wall hangings

Hanging art pieces on your wall is a great way to express your personal style. You can hang anything from personal photographs, to handmade art pieces or simply prints you really love. Don’t forget to use quality wall hanging hooks to ensure that your pieces stay secure. Feature one art piece you really love on a wall for emphasis, or you can create a gallery of smaller, related pieces.

Stay unified

Your room is going to look a lot more unified if you keep in mind the colors and styles of all the elements on your wall. So when you choose a color for your wall paint, keep that in mind with the art and frames that you choose. If you choose random frames and paintings to hang, your room can end up looking really hectic and cluttered. The idea is to create a unified space that is calming and presents a pleasing design style.


But don’t be afraid to get a little wild!

Showing a bit of eclectic style can be great, as long as you keep it within a certain space! Maybe you have one crazy art piece that you want to showcase on your wall- so do that on one wall and keep the rest of the room quite simple. It’s all about achieving a balance that’s going to create an overall pleasant atmosphere.