New summer candle scents to kick-start summer

Summer is fast approaching and in no time at all we will be sat out in the garden enjoying the cool summer evenings. We all love to sit out either by ourselves reading a book or with friends enjoying a meal with a glass of wine. One of the best things that you can do is buy some perfectly scented candles to make the evenings even more special. During the winter months we are used to the smell of vanilla candles, more warm-scented fragrances. When it comes to summer time it’s time to switch up the fragrances and find the ones that are perfect to go with a day at the beach or a night in the garden.


Candles for the summer come in all shapes and sizes, personally I prefer large candles because of their longevity. The fact that they last for so long means that I don’t need to be too concerned about them burning out and I can get used to the same scent night after night. I’m sure you’re now thinking of going out to find the perfect candles for the summer, so here are my 3 top candles scents to help you on your way.


One of the best things about summer is the smell you get from the garden, the fresh herbs give off a wonderful scent that smells beautiful as it drifts through your window. Rosemary is one of those scents that surrounds us during the summer, it’s aromatic herb smell is ideal for the sunny months. Unfortunately not everyone has some lovely rosemary growing in their back garden, so buying a candle is the next best option.


I think this choice really speaks for itself. When we think of coconuts we instantly think of some distant tropical paradise, the smell is so fresh and rejuvenating I think it is my favourite for the summer! If you want a scent that goes with most others then all you need to do is go out and buy a coconut or even a pina colada scented candle as soon as possible.


This is scent is popular for a whole host of different reasons making it a regular in the summer collection for many years. Not only does it smell fresh and fragrant but it also gets rid of all those pesky little insects. If you want to keep the insects at bay whilst have a barbecue or evening meal then just simply light a few citronella candles, it really does make all the difference.