Take bathroom design to new heights

The bathroom is one of the most valuable rooms in the house, in both senses; not only is the space vital for day-to-day living, but given the right attention, it could add thousands to how much your home is worth. Follow these top tips to ensure your bathroom achieves its full potential. Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 1.31.11 AM Introduce statement pieces Beyond the general decorating, such as painting the walls, laying tiles and fitting a new floor, you can take the design of your bathroom to new heights by introducing statement pieces to the space. When choosing your bathroom suite, consider opting for a separate freestanding bath; this sort of tub has timeless appeal and you’ll find freestanding baths in a range of styles, including antique-style roll top models with clawed feet and contemporary teardrop-shaped versions that sit on wooden blocks – take a look at what’s available on at Splashdirect.com for inspiration. There are also models that sit directly on the floor, beneath skirted sections where feet are hidden.

Get arty There’s no reason your love of art shouldn’t extend to the bathroom, and the space is often the ideal place to contemplate paintings or other types of artworks as you relax in the bath. Placing art in the bathroom will also give your guests something to admire and could prove to be something of a talking point. From paintings and sculptures to wall art like giant decals, this can be a great way of adding interest to the bathroom. Think about installing accent lighting to really illuminate the artworks you decide to display.

Focus on the details Bathroom design should take everything into account, from the basics like establishing a colour scheme right down to the tiny details that can cement a theme you want to establish in the space. In this vein, consider the accessories and elements in the bathroom, and think about how they will all work together to achieve the look you’re after. If you’re taking the water element as a basis for your design, for example, think about fitting a light that comprises a cascade of clear blue glass pendants, laying slate tiles that resemble the rocks at the sea shore and installing a waterfall-effect shower head – all of which will really showcase your theme in a cohesive yet subtle way. Even things as small as the handles on your cabinet doors and the style of shower screen you can choose can have an impact on the overall design of the room, so make them count.

Create zones If you have the space, it’s worth creating zones in your bathroom, which you can do with controlled lighting and decor. Install spotlights around the room and have the controls set up so you can either have whole room lit up or just areas, such as the shower enclosure, the bath or the vanity unit. You can also do this with your decor, for example, you could create a wetroom area and tile this from the floor to the ceiling in a different sort of tile or another shade so that it stands out from the rest of the space. To avoid enclosing the area too much, opting for a shade that is only slightly different from that used throughout the rest of the room is a wise move, and installing a clear screen will provide protection from the spray while not creating a barrier.