Using plantation shutters in your home

Shutters are the most versatile of window treatments and can be seen up and down residential streets as more and more people install them in their homes. Equally suited to both traditional and modern homes, they can be customized to blend in with the room decor or make a bold statement and stand out.

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Plantation shutters defined

Plantation shutters are made out of wood and come in two kinds, either slatted or immovable solid wood. The solid kind will block out all light when shut, so need to be opened fully to let in the light, whereas the slatted kinds can be kept closed and the slats angled to let in as much light is required.

The benefits

Shutters become a part of the window frame, and will therefore exclude more of the light than curtains or other types of blinds, as well as providing extra home security. They are also a good idea for homes where it is dangerous to have windows wide open, such as those that have young children or pets. With slatted shutters, windows can be opened to their full extent, allowing a room to be ventilated but preventing little ones from falling out.

Shutters also provide an increased level of privacy and require less maintenance than fabric window dressings. Fabric window dressings can also harbor dust mites and other allergens, so shutters make sense when homes have asthma sufferers in them. Finally, shutters have a clean, streamlined look, and add instant elegance to a room.

Window dressings

As a bang-on trend at the moment, there are plenty of suppliers for interior shutters around, especially online, and these will offer the entire range of available shutters.

Plantation shutters are ideal for any room in the house, especially as they can be made to fit any awkward window shape, such as a bay or bow window. The wood of the shutters can also be covered with a UV coating to protect against damp, making them perfect for a bathroom or kitchen.

Plantation shutters come in a variety of sizes, and it is possible to install half shutters, also known as café style shutters, whereby they only cover the lower half of a window, affording the room the same level of privacy as full shutters, but letting more natural light in. If these are placed in a bedroom, it will probably be necessary to hang curtains as well.

As well as full-length shutters, it is possible to install double-hung, or tier shutters. These are shutters that are divided horizontally, so that either the top or bottom section can be opened, leaving the other section closed. These types of shutters are best only if the top sections are going to be opened regularly.

Full-length plantation shutters can be attached to the rear of French windows or patio doors to really get that plantation look. They can also be teamed with long drapes to soften the look.

Make a feature of a bay window by installing plantation shutters above a window seat, a perfect spot to discreetly look on the world passing by outside.